Jaya Javeri

Jaya Javeri

Jaya Javeri (born in 1962) is a well-known artist originally from Mumbai but now in Bangalore. She has had 19 solo shows so far in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and in New York and has participated in group shows around the world.

She is an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai who worked in the corporate world before giving it up to pursue her passion… art. Her paintings are in the collection of individual collectors all over the world as well as with corporate houses. Speaking about her work, the artist notes, “I continue my journey in each canvas exploring perspective and space. I invite the viewer to ‘walk into’ my canvas – into my calm make-believe world”.

“My series of interiors of temples and homes is a step forward in this journey of space and depth sometimes combined with an element of dreams and fantasy. The eye explores the hidden nooks and corners of temple halls, rows of carved pillars, ancient doorways, deep shaded forests, magnificent palaces and majestic forts receding into the distance.”

Faint mysterious clouds float in the midst of these interiors with different subtle motifs hidden between them – butterflies, kites, books, toys etc.  Little girls dart between pillars and trees playing hide and seek with their dreams. Women sit quietly in the calm shades surrendering to the Divine, hidden between pillars in the form of a lotus or a peacock feather.

Some of the series I have painted are:

THE ‘FIRE IN THE SKY’ is a dramatic series which captures the vibrant moods and colours of the sun using thick bold strokes in blazing reds, oranges, yellow and crimson. Here again there is a feeling of space and distance.

MOODS OF THE SEA – series transport the viewer to the edge of the waters on a beach, looking into the distance.

LEAVE YOUR WORRIES BEHIND – where the women turn their back to their stresses and everyday worries of this world and walk towards a place which offers them solace. Their shadows or sometimes their chappals which they leave behind them represent all their baggage they are turning their back to.

WITHIN MY REACH – here mysterious clouds with hidden motifs like kites, feathers, toys etc which represent different dreams float into the distance encouraging you to step in to achieve your dreams.)

LOOK, I MADE MAGIC! – encourages you to look at the world through the eyes of a child who puts jigsaw pieces together with a sense of wonder and then discovers beauty.

AN AGE OF INNOCENCE – these paintings take you back to a time when you were happy and carefree…they evoke happy childhood memories.

Textures as well as light and shadow continue to be integral to my works. I use mainly the palette knife to create varying textures. Several coats of paint highlight different surfaces adding to the depth of the painting.  I use the play of light to heighten the feeling of perspective and breathe life into my works.

The colours I use are bright and happy – I create moods which are upbeat. There are suggestions of joyous occasions and festive moods – reds and oranges in the sun paintings, women dressed in colourful finery carrying flowers or children playing and darting between pillars, flowers blooming in bright happy colours.

Each painting has a feeling of positivity and tranquillity.

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