Shiladitya Sarkar

Shiladitya Sarkar

Shiladitya Sarkar has been described, by Sunday Magazine while covering his very first exhibition, as ‘a man of all seasons’. In an article, Economic Times described him as “Thinking Man’s Artist” With interests in history, music, cultural theory, Shiladitya is a painter of distinct individuality and has already made his mark in a short time, beginning from his first exhibition in 1998. Shiladitya is also an upcoming writer with two major books, both biographies, and also a novel in English.

Born in 1969, Sarkar completed his Masters from Presidency College. He worked as a journalist/writer for various publications, including Times of India, Indian Express, and The Telegraph. Presently is a writer/correspondent for the art magazine, Art India.

His first solo painting exhibition was in 1998, at Chitrakoot art gallery. He later participated in various national and International exhibitions: Rossi and Rossi (UK), Gallery Lombardi (Texas), Gajah Gallery (Singapore), Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Lalit Kala Academy, (Delhi), and many other important galleries in India. Articles about his works have appeared in major newspapers of the country and he has also been featured in the Limelight section of the premiere website on Indian art: Indian canvas. (

His collections of paintings are in many countries, including France, UK, USA, Germany, Bahrain, and Singapore.

Shiladitya’s authorized biography on Ganesh Pyne, THIRST OF A MINSTERL, is forthcoming. Shiladitya has also written the lead article: Modern Myths: Changing images of modern India, for an exhibition to be held at University of Texas. His first novel is awaiting publication.

This present exhibition organized by Prakrit Art Gallery is Shiladitya’s first in Chennai. The gallery would like to extend a warm welcome to your esteemed daily/magazine, and would be much obliged, if any of your chosen representative can cover this show.

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